• Choosing Mobitronix will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses in market and competition research, establishing and developing business ties.
    Using our assistance you shall significantly simplify the process of purchases. We will take care of the complicated purchasing part in the unfamiliar country which will allow you to concentrate on you product movement in your market.
  • Based on almost 10 years of local and international market experience we can say that today Mobitronix is one of the leaders of the outsourcing and supplies sector. Our unique product package and focus on customer service makes us stand out of the line of middle size wholesale companies. Our client is always our partner and we keep your interests our priority.

Satellite Receiving Equipment

Mobitronix closely cooperate with high-tech companies in the area of latest satellite equipment, particularly with Inmarsat RBGAN.
Inmarsat RBGAN - is satellite system of the wireless package transmission of data, based on the protocol IP (Internet protocol), which offers mobile high-speed access to the Internet network and to corporate networks through the compact and light mobile satellite Internet- modem (user terminal).
The network Of Inmarsat RBGAN is built on the base of Internet protocol IP; therefore it ensures the effective work of the application programs, where data is transferred by packets - such as electronic mail (e-mail), the access to the web- resources, and connection to the corporate computational networks (LAN). It also should be noted, that system has options to exchange files and the load files from the Internet by using protocol FTP, access to the data bases, electronic commerce for the interactive orders and the purchases, and also secured (protected from the outside interference) on all components access to the corporate virtual particular networks VPN.
Steadfast to the external actions satellite IP modem and reliable network Of Inmarsat RBGAN ensures high-quality and reliable connection from any point.

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