Our principles

  • Every detail counts. There are no silly customer requests, there are irresponsible handlers. We make sure that all our actions are customer-oriented. Follow up and share timely and accurate information with customers. We keep you informed at every stage. Customer Care. We treat each customer on exclusive basis. Every customer is our partner and we make sure that you receive our best services at any given time of a day. 
    Efficiency, honesty, reliability and professionalism. These are ultimate and main objectives of our operation.

  Business and Society

  • We take an active position in social life of UAE countries. Mobitronix continuously supports donation programs, participate in various cultural events.
    This allows us to become a link helping bilateral relationships between businesses and entrepreneurs from UAE. Knowledge and understanding of deep local traditions provides a basis for successful and mutually satisfying solutions.

About Us

Your Business in the UAE
Based on 10 years UAE experience we are sure that today Mobitronix is the leader in trade for companies entering Arab markets. Offering unique list of services and focused on provision of the most efficient service and prices to the clients, differs us from most of the competitors. Our client is always our partner.

Our Services
• Finding required goods on the UAE territory
Soliciting and providing options of all sellers available on the market
Complete arrangement of transaction (from market research to goods shipment)
Selling your products in the Middle East

Our Products
Mobitronix is acronym of Mobility and Electronics which gives us clear edge over our competitors that we deal in.

The whole sale departments fulfills the entire requirements of clients, ensuring they have latest information about the products we do trade in:

• Satellite Receiving Equipments
• Audio-Visual Recording Equipment and Accessories
• Light Fittings and Fixtures
• Photographic Equipment and Accessories
• Computer Equipment and Requisites
• Telephones and Telecommunication Equipments
• Watches and Clocks and Spare Parts
• Mobile Phones
• Calculators and Spare Parts
• Air Condition Products

Our Advantages
Successful 10 years experience on UAE market
Direct cooperation with leading world companies
Prompt decision for all arising issues
Professionals leading the way to sort out all import and export issues with account to all local market peculiarities

Our Staff
Success of Mobitronix is secured by the international team of professionals. Efficiency, reliability and client orientation are the main principals of our work.

Our Customers
We always treat with utmost care and attention all our customers’ advice, complaints, requests and references. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day to attend to all of your questions. No issue or problem will be left without solution.

Advantages of UAE market

UAE market is undoubtedly one of the most successful and developed not only in the Middle East, but on the worldwide arena as well. Its continuing development, growth and favorable taxation climate make it one of the most attractive places to do business.

Geographically and historically UAE lies in crossroads of trading routes between the East and the West. In recent years this country have become a business and transport hub for goods and transport routes from Europe, both Americas and Taiwan, China, Egypt and GCC countries.

Mobitronix having developed multiple business ties with local businesses and state organizations is your ideal representative in this country.

Why Mobitronix...

Almost a decade of successful work proves high reliability and stability of our company. We value our reputation and dedicate a lot of efforts to customer service support Our purpose is to build long-term and strong relationships with all our customers. We are proud of the fact that we gained confidence from such well known companies as MTS, AIG, AXA, Reco-Guarantee, Svyaznoy, Eldorado, Tekhnosila and many others.

Choosing Mobitronix you can be sure, that your business will get maximum high return.


Many companies and public organizations honoured the work of MOBITRONIX with different awards and certificates of quality. Among them are Al–Futtaim group of companies, Aeroflot, Pakistani Airways, the Administration of Moscow, and also other companies from different countries.

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